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This is an extension of the Guardian thread at "", now defunct.

The purpose of this wiki is to simply collect as much data as possible about different Guardians. With as much data as we can gather, we hope to be able to find patterns or clues to their existence or purpose. At the very least, we hope to better understand them and what may or may not be going on.

It has been said that this is perhaps a glorification of something that many people legitimately suffer from, and for that I sincerely apologize. This was never the intent of this wiki or the discussions that launched it, and again we apologize for any pain this may have caused. It should be noted, then, that none of the information or the discussions here are meant to be taken as medical advice, and that if you feel you are hearing or seeing things, you should perhaps seek medical attention. Let's all remember that this has personal effects on many people, and try to be as respectful as we can.

A built-in forum has been setup. Not to sure about how it works… Feel free to experiment with everything.

Guardian List
Theories Page

Quoth Anonymous 02/13/10(Sat)00:51 No.3547161:

"A Guardian, for the purposes of this thread, is kind of an entity that appears a lot more than once to the person. Usually protective or beneficial, though they can just kind of be there, like Nir, or there was also the Koner which only appeared three times to the guy, but protected him twice…."

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