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The setup of this page is going to be as follows: HOW REN VIEWS REALITY WHO & WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and if I can get him to go along with this, any relevant comments from August himself.

A crash course in my reality

To understand this, you have to understand my thinking. It's a little bit hard to explain in words, so I made some visuals to assist.venndiagram.png

WHO and WHAT is August?

To be perfectly honest, everything in this section is all speculation, unless I specify that it's come from August directly- even then, I can't promise that it's true, because he's not exactly what I'd call a reliable source.
Drawing from first hand experience, August visualizes as an extremely tall(just under 6'8", I only know this because a friend of mine is 6'8" precisely and August visualized himself beside him once.), very muscular looking young man. He has brown hair that's not exactly short, but it's not very long either. It has the off-center shaggy look of hair that, once it gets too long, the owner grabs a knife and cuts off the parts that are too long. The longest part of his hair is in his bangs, on the right side if you're facing him, and this he ties with a red thread, I'm not sure precisely why but I get the general gist that it's to keep him from forgetting something, or someone. Not sure who. The only 'odd' thing about him that marks him as something not quite normal, apart from him being only the second type of real, is a line of dots that I assume are tattoos, they're black and about the size of half dollars, spreading from ear to ear over the bridge of his nose. I've never bothered asking him about them, because if I did he'd probably just get pissy at me.
Speaking of August getting pissy at me, he's got a bit of a temper. And by a bit of a temper, I mean he has some really… interesting ways of expressing his anger. He gets angry with me a lot, and tries to convince me to do destructive things, suicidally dangerous things, as well. He can be very convincing when he wants me to do something- I get the vibe off of him that he could probably do whatever it is he wants me to do, himself, but he'd rather make me uncomfortable, which means that it's probably not vital to his existence that violent, destructive things happen at all. Or it could be, and he could be getting the 'energy' of violence from somewhere else.
Also, forgot to put this in earlier, he hates music. So much. It's the exact opposite of me, because I devote myself to music. Another thing he dislikes is bright lights, but we're the same on that one.
And another thing I forgot until just now. The hallways thing. August and I both feel that, after the sun sets and the light is off in the hallway outside my room, it's no longer safe out there, because of the hallways thing. He's terrified of it, as am I, and we both avoid going out there at night as much as we can. I don't know what the hallways thing is, and I don't want to.

Just as a quick side note, I want to mention Lonely Ron.

That 'somewhere else' where he gets violent energy could easily be a boy named, or at least a boy CALLED, Lonely Ron. That's where August claims to be when he's not with me. 'Watching Lonely Ron' is basically what he calls it.

WHEN is he around?

As a general rule, August is only around from around 5 in the afternoon(EST) until I wake up for good the next morning. He's kept this schedule fairly well for a very long time, but if there are any changes I'll put them here.

WHERE is August?

When he's with me, he's next to me, generally standing just behind my left shoulder as I walk around, unless we're in my room, where he feels free to roam and harass my goldfish. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention the only animals that seem to be able to interact with him are fish. My dog doesn't notice him, nor do any of my friends' cats. But my fish notice him… I know, it's weird. But my fish are used to people, and I interact with them. August probably picked up the way I put my fingertips on the glass and hum gently to kinda 'talk' to my fish through vibrating the water gently. But he generally just harasses them.
When he's not with me, he claims to be 'watching Lonely Ron'. Upon closer investigation, 'lonely ron' is an anagram of some of the letters in my full name. So he might just be hanging around, creeping. But that's not really like him… I'll ask him about it the next time he's around.

WHY is he here?

This is where I'm stuck. He does nothing to help me and everything in his power to hurt me. So he's not a guardian, more like a constant antagonist. I don't really know why he's here, but I'm open to ideas…

Relevant comments?

tbe, I have to talk to him first.

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