My third guardian I don’t see very much. I’ll call him Aum for now. He appears as a bright white figure with a symbol in electric blue instead of a face. That symbol, I can never remember. I see it clearly but after Aum is gone, I can’t even begin to tell what it is. He has saved me from a heart attack once. I was sitting at my computer as I am now, and I had this horrible chest pain. I’ve trained as a medic, so I know I’m having a heart attack. I can’t reach my phone on the other side of the room and I fall over and Aum’s face flashes and it’s over. My first experience with him was when I was at my computer, again, and I looked out the big picture window next to the computer. I looked back and suddenly all the lights and power turned off, including the street lights outside. The moon itself went dark. A bright ball of light about the size of a car appeared in my backyard and I could tell that it was just a light, it was someone. Then a wave of light enamenated from it and it flashed. Then everything was back to normal. This took around 5 seconds. I’ve had several experiences with this, such as it happening at football games, while I’m watching TV, etc.

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