My first guardian who I've decided to call Bells, appeared to me as a shark-toothed face with two red dot eyes inside a long twisting tubular bell. He tells me things sometimes, other times just appears. Frequently he is yelling at me. He speaks in Phyrgian, which I discovered after writing down things he has said. He doesn’t always appear in the bells but whatever he appears as, that smile is there. He wants me to find this barn, a traditional red barn set on a hill. This could be anywhere, but that is the only message I get from Bells. He appeared there in a dream, almost interrupting the normal dream I was having. I was at the barn suddenly, everything not on the hill covered in mist and dark. I saw the bells and went around to the end closest to me. I saw his face and he whispered something that made me afraid, made me excited. He began laughing and I did too and I couldn’t stop it until I awoke.

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