(Excerpt from Post by Anonymous 02/13/10(Sat)03:54 No.3548262)

I've got one. His name is Blink and he usually appears as a cloud of fireflies. I usually see him just before I go to sleep. He talks to me in my dreams and tends to be a jerk at times. However, he's saved my life at least once. He also shows me things that will happen in the future. They are usually small things and normally they happen months later. He also follows me when I go to friends' houses overnight. When that happens he forms his cloud of light into the shape of a small dog and curls up beside me.

Watching him curl up into the dog shape is actually quite funny to watch because he never seems to have enough "dots" to completely finish the shape. Because of this he tends to only make the outline of the dog. He is usually a bright yellow, but sometime he is red or blue, depending on his mood. Right now he's hovering above my head because it's 1:11 am where I live and he wants me to go to sleep. He's orange, which is his annoyed color. Guess I better get to bed. Feel free to put this on your list if you want.

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