Dream Eater

Dream Eater

(No name has been established for her/it yet.)

Current Status



The Dream Eater usually appears as a dark shapeless mass with the consistency of thick ink. From time to time it will take on the rough and often incomplete form of a human female. In the female form, it's eyes appear cold and empty, while facial expressions tend to be distorted and exaggerated. Vocal communication is exceedingly rare, with most speech being short and of widely varied nuance and tone. The conclusion of this writer is that the adopted form has little relation to what might be considered "the natural form".


Alternates between a possessive, demeaning attitude, and a "playful" coy one. It's motivations are unknown, although it appears to have a predatory instinct. Observation of it in action reveals that it has little interest in most (but not all) dream-content and seems to primarily relate in a familiar manner to difficult-to-observe "things on the edge of the dream". Often it seems to operate in a world of it's own, creating a disconnect between the actions of others and it's reciprocal feelings. Still, it can be considered a guardian as it appears to "protect" objects of interest when it suits her/it, and appears to have a vested interest in keeping the "things on the edge of the dream" away from the dreamer.

Seems to possess feelings based upon recent conversations. Prefers to be referred to as being female regardless of current form. Apparently she is aware of occurrences taking place outside of dreams and dislikes being discussed without her consent.

Field Observations

From what has been observed, it readily ignores the rules of the dream and the content of the dream. During much of the observation period, it seemed unaware of the dreamer being separate from the dream content. Throughout the course of dreams in which it appears, it will consume the dream content, leaving behind an empty nothingness. However, the Dream Eater will reduce it's level of consumption for the sake of objects of interest. For protection, it will revert to it's "natural" form and act as a containing barrier separating the object which it is protecting from external threats. Despite this, it seems to have little compunction about causing harm to the object it's protecting.

The dream environments in which it has been observed vary greatly, with no standard form or format. It has demonstrated the ability to actively manipulate recurring dreams, "inescapable" dreams (dreams in which one repeats the same course of actions), lucid dreams, and even instances of sleep paralysis. There is no apparent correlation between the actions or symbols present in the dream and it's appearance.


While the Dream Eater is able to manipulate dreams in much the same way as a lucid dreamer, it does have certain limitations. The Dream Eater appears unable to immediately consume the entirety of the dream, and appears to be much less "powerful" once no dream-content remains. At that point, it will often attempt to negotiate for entertainment from the dreamer.


It has been posited that the Dream Eater is somehow reliant on the dream-content as a foodstuff, and that during daylight hours might travel into the dream-scapes of others.

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