Guardian List
Guardian Username Description
Anubis and Amon (ra) Anon Probably connected to Egypt. Possibly connected to a website.
Aum Spiral He appears as a bright white figure with a symbol in electric blue instead of a face.
Bells Spiral A shark-toothed face with two red dot eyes inside a long twisting tubular bell.
Blink Anon Appears as a cloud of fireflies. Can change color and take the shape of a small dog.
Cleopatra Spiral Appears as a beautiful Egyptian woman in ancient Egyptian finery.
Dream Eater Akghala Formless ink-like substance.
Fel meropis Man with green hair and a cloak. May make people invulnerable.
Feral Child Anon Unnamed zombie girl that shows up in an anon's dreams.
Ghuk Spooky Malevolent? Also calls itself Loki.
The Grandma Anon Someone's grandma.
Hyena Arpazia Hyena with a grinning wolf head. Calming influence.
"Jamie" Laskuraska A very protective being who avoids showing his appearance. Known to be male, has lashed out at humans.
Koner Anon Some sort of weasel-werewolf-type thing. May be dead.
Levamentum Anon Always on the right hand side.
The Matron loudbump An inhumanely-shaped female.
Mya Anon The Guardian of an Anon's ex-girlfriend.
Nicodemus Merp About 7 feet tall, wears a black coat, and has no visible mouth. Previously human.
Nir Anon Tall and blue-skinned with white hair/fur. Doesn't speak. He never looks happy to be there.
Otvazhnaya Anon Evil hound bound to someone's soul. Makes him stronger.
Shyla AnonandShyla Tall robot with wings. Never talks.
Teacher Luin In the form of a teacher from her life, often helping or comforting her.
Tobias Moggy An angel with a burlap sack covering his head and feathered stumps.
Trish Xenophile Blond-haired beauty with a peculiar background. Enjoys talking through possession.
Unknown Anon A guy who only shows up when people apparently die. Tries to talk but can't.
Young Asian Man Anon A young asian man, possibly Japanese. Saved someone's life.
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