activity level of the entity has picked up slightly since discussions began

So what's a Jamie, anyway? Why's it in quotation marks?

I don't know "Jamie's" real name, that's just what I decided to call him after he'd been around long enough. He showed up around the same time as some Japanese exchange students (all girls), leading me to believe he was he was haunting one of them. This is not a certainty, or even highly probable. I've taken potshots at his real name before, but none of the guesses seem to have been right. The ghost has only visually appeared twice, and one of those times appears to have been on accident. He has physically, but invisibly, manifested several times to exact punishments on people who did something nasty to another person in his presence. The way this usually looks is like an "active immediately" version of "what comes around goes around", some punk kid swipes a wallet, and within minutes they tumble down a flight of stairs. While he has been protective of me in the past and became very possessive of me as time passed, it seems much more like he picks a human to follow and is looking for injustices to correct.

Appearances and manifestations of the entity

"Jamie" has appeared to conscious people twice, once seems to have been an accident. The first appearance, the accidental one, was around a friend of mine. She claimed she saw the shadow of "a short guy with kindof a big head" next to mine. The shadow phased out of visibility somewhat slowly, over the course of about three seconds. The second time "Jamie" appeared was to me while I was zoned out on an exceptionally boring evening. I saw for only a moment what appeared to be the upper body of an asian man clad in burnt clothing, with scars from a moderate burn over half his face and down onto what of his shoulder was visible, partially hidden by long hair. The scars on what was visible of the shoulder were much worse than the ones on the face, and one can only assume there were more, worse scars beneath the charred clothing.

All other appearances have been in dreams. He appears to be able to alter how he's perceived in dreams, as he tries not to appear burned, which results in an inability to remember his face upon waking. He doesn't seem to be able to get over what happened to him enough to successfully stop appearing burned, his attempts at masking the damage are very amateur. I'm not the only person who's seen him in a dream, he has showed up in the dreams of some of my friends. Only two of them know about "Jamie", and he hasn't shown up in either of their dreams.

There have been several instances where almost immediately after I saw someone do an awful thing, or heard about how someone did something awful to another person, something even more awful happened to them. It would appear "Jamie" Listens in on my conversations and reads over my shoulder looking for situations like these. In one instance a kid I went to school with who snatched one of my friend's wallets fell down a flight of stairs and fractured his skull. In another instance, a kid at the same school who had date-raped a girl was struck by a car less than a week later. In a third instance, one of the big mean gossip girls at the school had a condom break on her and ended up having to drop out and get a job because her parents wouldn't let her get an abortion. The broken condom came along just after she'd been so cruel to another girl, ruining her things and cornering her with other bitches to better ridicule her, that she ended up changing schools. After I got out of highschool, activity of this sort died down significantly, but it seemed to pick back up again after some of my friends joined the army. A few antagonistic individuals have had ill fate befall them after doing something exceptionally rude to one of my friends in uniform.
An important note: he has never killed a person. Everyone has survived, even the boy struck by the car.

Life of the entity

I know very little about what he did or where he lived, or even where he came from. I don't actually know how he died, but I'm fairly sure it was in a fire. I assume he is Japanese because of the timing of his arrival, but there are plenty of other kinds of asians and it's not certain he came with one of the exchange students. He's never spoken, probably because either he was robbed of that ability in the fire that killed him, or the smoke inhalation changed it's sound and he can't stand to hear himself anymore. When he has something to say in a dream, he attempts to pantomime it. He seems young, but he's impressed on me through a dream from his perspective that he had a wife, fiancee, or girlfriend; and a son with her, and that she either killed that son or allowed him to die, and this is probably the source of his unrest. It is very clear he hates her, as I myself was made to feel the deep anger and disgust he has for her. She is not unrestful like he is, she's gone wherever it is she had to go, or simply ceased to exist- whatever it is that happens to entities that don't become ghosts. considering the estimated time-frame of the death, this woman may still be alive.

Dream appearances (will be edited)
Real names will not be used for privacy of the dreamers, but I will differentiate "who" had which dream for clarity.

Described a dream in which a short man who's face she was unable to remember defended her from ghouls. She described him as having long, straight dark hair tattered clothing. He held her to his chest to keep her from screaming while he fired a pistol at them.

Described another dream in which this same entity was always behind her, sticking to the shadows. Said it made her nervous.

Described a nightmare in which he was naked in class. A male got up from one of the desks in the back row and gave him a pair of gym shorts. He said when he tried to remember what the male looked like, it was "like someone erased him".

After talking to some friends including Laskuraska about suicide and death, dreamt he was physically pulled by the hand through a vast, empty, "dark" expanse by someone who would not speak to him. Describes feeling hungry, thirsty, lonely, etc. Was eventually lead to a small "hole" in the fabric of the nothingness that resembled a dirty window through which faint images of his friends could be seen eating, drinking, loving, sleeping, and generally enjoying life. Heard a sound described as "bones breaking", and saw a dark-haired male illuminated by a new hole he was ripping in the nothingness. He assumes this was the guide to the first hole. The man forced him bodily through the second hole, on his way out he woke up.

Described a dream in which he was sitting in a field while several fat people danced around him. A male with long, dark hair peered down at the event from a perch in a dead tree.

Described a dream in which he crashed a biplane in enemy territory from some war and was taken to a prison camp. One of the other prisoners was a short young man with long, dark hair that covered his face. He gave him a cigarette in exchange for a ketchup packet.

Described a nightmare in which he was going to drown because he was trapped under ice and a morbidly obese kid was sitting on the only hole he could crawl out of. A male with long dark hair removed the obese child by kicking it, then helped him out of the hole.

Described a nightmare in which she was running through a dark maze from a demon who was trying to take her to hell. She met a dead end, where a short, long-haired man "who smelled burnt" came through a wall, approached her, and pantomimed firing a gun. She said that in the dream, she didn't understand, and he repeated the motion impatiently.

Described a dream in which a short man with long, scraggly dark hair which always covered his face stalked and attempted to attack him. He shot the man several times, but he did not seem to feel it or take more than superficial damage and did not let up his attacks.

Described a falling nightmare where a young male with dark hair pushed him out of a helicopter before he could get his chute on.

Described a nightmare in which my dead cat appeared and told him I was property of another and he was going to take me away and he'd never see me again. Said I was also in the dream, and was crying and panicking. He tried to beat the cat but no matter what he did to it, it would come back unharmed. What he described as "A weird fat man" came to tell him the same in a horrible rasping voice. Again, no matter how much he beat this man, he would return unharmed. While Jamie did not actually appear in this dream, I believe he influenced it.

Described a dream in which she knows she was doing something else somewhere else, but suddenly found herself in a small, dimly lit, poorly decorated room with two doors. A short man with long, dark hair that covered his face entered through one of the doors carrying a baby, which he gave to her. He drew a pistol and left out the same door, which led to "a horror movie version of my front yard".

In a dream where I was lost, cold and hungry in a large city, a college-age male with long, dark hair signaled for me to follow him. He led me to a small apartment, gave me a blanket, set me on the couch, and went into the kitchen. When I tried to remember his face after I woke up, it was like someone erased it.

During a nightmare in which a zombie apocalypse had come to pass, I set up a base with other survivors. I was someone else, an older woman, and I was clad in a suit of full plate. I was carrying a pistol. Myself and two others were checking the perimeter of our base, which was the well-stocked home of someone who was paranoid before the apocalypse and had since come to reside in a shallow ditch. In one of the neighboring houses, we saw something move in a basement window, but decided against firing on it as it might attract attention to our base and was likely benign. We resolved to clear it out after we had something to eat. Just as we were turning to go home, a girl ran out of our base toward that house crying and screaming someone's name over and over again. We tried to catch her, but she was too fast, and as she reached the house a college-age male with long, dark hair that covered his face stepped out on to the patio and ran toward her. Thinking he was undead, I charged forward on adrenaline, passed her, grabbed the male, and threw him over my knee. His hair brushed past my face as he fell. I put my pistol against the side of his head quickly, and pulled the trigger. I realized in a split second that as I threw him over my knee, I smelled shampoo. I felt incredibly guilty and relived the moment several times before I woke up.

In a nightmare where there were unnatural beasts everywhere and it looked like the scenery was taken from one of the fallout games, I was wandering with Cameron trying to find shelter. A college-age male with long, dark hair and worn clothing started to tag along, carrying a pistol. When we found shelter in what used to be the bathroom in a very rich house, he waited for Cameron to fall asleep, and then started pulling playfully on my arm, trying to get me to go with him somewhere. He seemed amorous.

Happenings that are attributed to the entity:
  • Causing or appearing in nightmares
  • appearing in dreams
  • pushing a boy off a railing
  • sabotaging the breaks on a car
  • sabotaging the battery of a car, later restoring it
  • sabotaging the engine of a Bradley (US armored vehicle)
  • sabotaging a condom
  • finding lost items and putting them on a table or counter
  • !very recent! Tapping noises coming from inside walls causing hostile response from housecat.
General Information about Jamie:
  • Thought to be a deceased human soul from a period between 1997 and mid-2001.
  • Estimated Height: 5'6"
  • Often sighted with handgun (thought to be a Walther P99)
  • Wears Black Canvas shoes of unknown brand
  • Usually dressed in Grey Long-sleeved shirt and Black Jeans of unknown manufacture
  • Gait described as a "creeper-walk"
  • Thought to be Western European based upon gestures and general demeanor
  • probably of Asiatic descent
  • Gestures used include the "Cat's Paw" for beckoning and pointing using the forefinger
  • Seems to know about automobiles, has interfered with the mechanics of at least three different models
  • Not typically visible to observers who are awake
  • Attempts at hiding burns on the face and sometimes torso result in an effect observers describe as being "like someone erased him".
  • recently became fond of using other people's appearances as a "sock poppet" when he appears in Laskuraska's dreams
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