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When I was 4-8 I was convinced that I had a sort of protector.

It started when I was home alone one day with like a babysitter. I was in the backyard, and I noticed there's this guy just standing around. My backyard leads to a park/forest thing, but he's just standing there, looking at my house.

There's a second figure, and I wish I could say what it looked like, but I'm not sure. It was bipedal but it resembled like some sort of weasel thing. It looked like a damn pokemon, almost, by that I mean it looked like some sort of weremongoose thing. It was about the same size of the man. It comes out and the guy takes off running. The thing looks at me for a couple moments, and it went towards me. I went back into the house screaming bloody murder. I insisted to the babysitter someone was outside but she saw nothing out there. A couple hours later I overheard my parents talking about a man who robbed another house on the neighborhood.

About a year later I see the thing again, which scares me halfway dead when it starts interacting with me.

It's maybe when I'm 6 or 7, at home in the backyard again. I hear a rustling, and out comes this creature again. I am shitting bricks, but it just comes towards me. The closer it gets, the less scared I get, but at first, I'm terrified. By a couple seconds it's standing right over me, but I'm suddenly all serene-feeling. I think I pet it, I don't know.

Then there was a crash, it turned its head and jet towards the trees where it came.

I don't know what the noise was.

The final time I saw it was at it's death. This is where most of you will assume I'm full of shit, but I was 8 years old.

The neighbor's car was seriously dented up. The neighbor himself was pissed and was saying he hit like some sort of animal driving home. Me, I had just come home from hockey practice, and I was chilling around in the backyard with a friend. We were about to go back inside when we hear like this moaning. Not human, but not any sort of animal I've heard before, either.

It's coming from the damn park/woods area, so we go towards it. That was probably stupid, but lolsuburbia, so we did it anyway. The closer I get, I get this feeling of calmness over me. We're about maybe half a mile into the woods when we come across the creature. It's just lying there. I see blood. Suddenly, I'm like, "Oh crap!" I just got really sad all of a sudden, even though my friend has no clue what's happening. I get closer and I realize the creature is alive. Barely. I assume that it was the animal my neighbor hit with his car. I was pretty retarded back then, so I just hugged it, because I had no clue what to do.

And then it died. For the next couple of days I was really, really depressed, and I didn't know why.

I stayed with it until I figured it had stopped breathing, or my friend eventually was like "we should leave" or something to that effect. whatever happened first. It didn't seem to be offended or anything when I held it. It kind of tried to get up at first.

I cried for a bit afterwards. When I got asked why I just told my parents I had fallen and I was sore, because half the shit didn't make sense.

I don't live near my friend anymore, he moved a couple years back. I still have his email account, and I could send him an email to see if he remembers.

the email screenshots are in the other thread, I probably need to reupload them.

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