(Excerpt from Post by Anonymous 02/13/10(Sat)04:42 No.3548470)

It would start with a presure on the edge on the bed. Then breathing on the neck. Nibbling on the ear. Etc. This was all over weeks and months, growing gradually. Then this "guardian" named "Mya" would sleep next to her at night. She'd feel the presence & pressure in the bed next to her. Then one night, I suppose just sleeping next to my ex wasn't good enough for Mya. It pinned her down and violated her…

She found Mya very comforting, very soothing…the way she talked about the whole thing, it didn't seem like it was a completely different entity. It just suddenly changed. But I guess it isn't so weird. Living people pull that kind of shit in life, being nice til they get what they want. BTW, there's this old movie called "the entity" that is supposed to be based off of a real life situation. The main character is raped by some invisible being.

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