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I don't know much about guardians, but mine seems to be darker than what most would call a guardian. His name is Nicodemus, he is about 7 feet tall, wears a black coat, and has no visible mouth. He has always been there for me, comforting me, and giving me someone to talk to when times are rough.

he does communicate to me, in which I can hear and feel his voice.
It so calm and smooth, like no one else.

It would seem that most of the time he is with me when I sleep, wake up, and sometimes while I drive. I noticed he hates music though. always thought that was strange.
when I saw he is darker than what I would imagine a guardian to be, I mean he literally uses darkness to protect me.
sometimes a pitch black darkness will cover me, to block me out from the rest of the world. I'm a little scared of the dark, but this darkness is so warm that it washes away all fear. really helps when I wake up from a nightmare or something like that.

I just noticed he won't talk to me when i have music on, sometimes he'll even leave.
he really hates when my amp is on for my guitar, but so does my cat :/ I think the feedback and static sound drives them crazy or something.

I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but he used to be a human before he became what he is.

He told me this when I asked where he came from and why he was here. He said it was to repay for his sins as a human. so I asked what he did that was so horrible. He said he was a murderer, but not give his name, or any other information than that. when I asked why, he told me he wasn't supposed to. I left it at that.

Looks and clothing
His coat goes all the way to the ground, it is a perfect black. the end of the coat and arms of the coat have thick dark red trim. the coat has gold buttons on it. the shoulders have two rectangles on them, dark red with a single black stripe of the middle. They apparently have no significant value or meaning. the coat has a hood that he will normally wear, unless we are talking to each other. His skin is like no color I can describe. it is black but pale, like a fog shifting within his skin. his head is like that of a snake sitting on top of a normal neck. his eyes are a dull white but will sometimes have a red blow to them. he has long fingers, but they do not seem abnormal. the shirt he wears under his coat is sown together at the middle and connects to a necklace with a red stone sitting inside a gold square. the shirt is white.

more from the thread
so last night I woke up after a strange dream to be greeted by Nicodemus. before he shrouded me in his darkness I got him to talk to me a while.
I wondered about the music, and asked him why he hates listening to it.
when he was alive he was in love with a musician. they were happy together until she was killed by a drunk driver. It seems that all music does is remind him of the pain that caused him.

I didn't really pry any further ( I was really tired.. still am actually). after that I just went back to sleep.

He will sometimes share parts of his past, but says he's not supposed to give specific details, mostly so I can't find out who he used to be exactly.
after thinking about it this morning, it might be that her death sparked his own need to kill?

his name could also show some light on that.

when he first came to me, he had no name.
he would sometimes follow me to church (not anymore though) and one day he came and my pastor talked about Nicodemus.
this story:
When he was finished Nicodemus looked at me and said that from now on I should call him that.
The name sounded dark and mysterious to me, and at the time I just thought it was a cool name. But the talk of being 'reborn' spiritually might actually have something to with why he is here.
I think it was the idea of what Nicodemus sought. The rebirth of his spirit. looking back I'd say that is accurate. Since he was at one point alive, and now he has been reborn. I think he saw that connection. even though it is a very different rebirth.
I don't know if Nicodemus was a faithful person in his past life, and maybe it was he who believed his sins were to heavy to get to heaven.
I have two small dogs that used to bark in the direction of Nicodemus. Like they could sense him, but not see him.
Nicodemus seems to have small interactions with animals. My cat will sometimes pur when he is near by.

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