(Excerpt from Post by Anonymous 02/12/10(Fri)01:33 No.3540842)

i wouldn't call him a guardian, Per Se,but he has definitely helped me out and he continues to help
me out. i have another half. at first i was brought to a shaman by a friend of mine after i was
experiencing weird dreams and strange urges.
the shaman said that i have a dog spirit inside of me, a Russian hound named Otvazhnaya. after
meditation for many months and having him reach out to me, lowering down my walls and seeing
him in my dreams, he began to speak.
he does not remember much, but i was brought to another shaman after this. it was said that
Otvazhnaya is an evil being. a murderer on the astral plain that killed thousands of soldiers and
several lords along with hundreds of women and children. he is cursed to deal with the burden and
guilt of his actions and the pain that he has inflicted, and is also cursed to be evil in this world and
the astral plain.
he has been making me strong. making me grow muscle at a prodigious rate, making me lose
weight. hardening my features at a freakish rate and ever sense i became aware of him, my pain
tolerance has gone through the roof along with every one of my physical attributes.
he has told me that i am soft, but he will make me harder than diamonds because if he's stuck
being bonded with my soul for the rest of eternity, he wants my body to at least be worthy of his

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