this page is about Shyla, his looks, actions, and personality.


Shyla is a 8 to 10ft robot. probably weighing about 300lbs. He is a very light tan color, and has gold wings.
His wings dont seem to function or he never finds the need to use them. he has hands and fingers just like a human, and has been seen to be just as dexterous as the average person. Shyla dosent have any facial features other than a pair of eyes, which look more like lenses than anything else. He has no mouth and, as far as I know, has never eaten anything or attempted to in the long time we have been together.


Shyla often follows me everywhere and is a constant companion, even in public places although people dont seem to see him. When spoken to, Shyla will often nod or tilt his head sideways, regardless of what was said. He often waves to me when i wake up in the morning or if he had left for any period of time, which is rare.


Shyla gives off vibes of contentedness whenever I am not in a situation that he considers dangerous. When danger is present, he will always try to lead me away from the source of the danger by taking my hand and leading me away. If i refuse, Shyla will oftentimes give off a strong aura of nervousness and general unhappiness, which leads me to feel those things, and leave. Most of the time, Shyla just follows me and seems to enjoy listening to me speak.
Shyla seems to have music preferences. he dislikes all club music, the type with a constant beat in the background. He likes Metallica and Ozzy, although im not sure why.

Dream Shyla

Shyla is very different in dreams. he always dark, shadowed, or hooded. He is also very distant, as if he is focusing on other things. In dreams, he takes the form of a towering statue, and is often looking into the distance. at this point, not much is known about Dream Shyla, mostly because waking Shyla cannot, or will not talk.

Accurate representation

These photos are the closest things i have found that look like Shyla
Waking Shyla


Dream Shyla

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