This is currently unknown. When he is encountered in dreams, he is known as "Mr. Dyson", based on a teacher from high school. This is who he looks like and who he is recognized as, though no other name has ever been given.

Physical Features

He is tall, over 6" tall and is mostly bald, although it's always hard to tell because he keeps what hair he has shaved off. Occasional beard, and its' clear his hair would be black. He has a medium skin tone and it is difficult to tell what nationality he might be. Glasses, dark eyes of an unknown color. Probably brown.

He's a little on the heavier side but not by much. It looks as though he could easily get into shape with little effort, if he isn't already (it is difficult to tell with his clothing).

This appearance is, again, the teacher upon which he seems to be based.

Clothing and Appearance

Usually he appears dressed similarly to the teacher upon which he is based. He will have neutral slacks and some kind of long-sleeve button-up shirt, in a familiar color. Sometimes the sleeves are rolled up, sometimes they are not. He always wears glasses, just non-descript silver frames.


Generally, Teacher is friendly. He is often overseeing the events in the dream in his capacity as a teacher, or he is taking part in the dream as normal. The dreamer always wants to get his attention, and occasionally he saves her from bad situations or calms her when she is upset. On at least one recorded occasion he ignored her completely, something very unusual.

He is much more of a traditional guardian, offering different advice. This advice often seems cryptic, although little analysis has been done on it since it was only very recently recognized that he might indeed be functioning as a guide. It has been several years (8) since actual contact with the teacher himself.

Dream Encounters and Themes

Mostly the same as his personality data. He is often seen helping the dreamer in some way, in scenes that resemble school or sometimes her own home. Nothing directly stands out as not all data has been processed yet.


Nothing much; possibly simply a guardian taking on the form of a trusted and respected person from the dreamer's life.

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