The Matron is an inhumanely-shaped female ever present in my life. Grotesque and spindly, she's a violent reminder of the infamous Slenderman and is prone to manifestation during times of fear or fury. When I open my mind to the morbid things in life, she's there to guide me - I can feel her encouragement - though to where, I know not.

It's sort of a fetish for me, dissecting the evils present in the minds of all. I often find myself questioning the symbolism of fear and of desire. As an artist, I do my best to depict it.

In this way, the Matron is the ironic avatar of desire, or something along those lines. I can feel a palpable aura of corruption about her, like she's leading me down a dark road from which there may be no return.


The Matron is a name given to the more recent of my guardians. She appears feminine; her cheeks are gaunt, lips full, and breasts swollen and pronounced. She makes me thing of fertility goddesses, albeit evil ones, and I get the impression she's given birth, or is pregnant, despite her thin size. Her arms are always open in a chillingly welcoming way, or closed in a disapproving, judgemental sort of manner. Hence the name.

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