This page is about Weird /x/enophile's guardian known as Trish, who has been with him since he was 12, and her interactions with him and the world around him.


Trish appears as a young teenager, with blond hair that ends at her waist and emerald-green eyes, although sometimes they are a deep blue, like the ocean. She is very fit, and beautiful, and typically has a loving smile when she's around me, although at other times it is a frown for reasons she cannot specify. Other times, she appears as she did an angel, with dark hair and large, feathered wings that seem to be more aesthetic for status than actual use.


She has shown /x/eno a memory from her origins, where he can feel the wind across those wings, and the warmth of the sun on his face, although she cannot remember how she died in her previous life, only that she had floated in darkness for what seemed to be forever. This was of Lucifer's revolt, while the Christian god began creating the morality system for his mortal servants' brains. He had stood up, rallied the others about how unfair it was, and the battle that ensued destroyed much in heaven's gates. She had used a sort of staff, then, and was knocking out those who were fighting each other, trying to stop the fighting with as few "deaths" as possible.

When the fighting stopped, the area littered with floating, free-energy, and Lucifer was on the verge of that ultimate destruction, she stood out of the way, silent, angry over what had transpired. Lucifer was banished, along with her, to the pit, and then the memory stopped. She has supplemented this information by being kicked out of hell, and then a wandering along the earth as a lost spirit for uncountable years afterwards, until she found someone (/x/eno) in late 2003 who she had seen in her own mind's eye when she had been alive in her previous mortal life, around the same time period.

Past Interactions


When /x/eno met her, she touched him on the shoulder and said everything would be alright. He believed her, and he remembers seeing her with him wherever he went. When she would take over his mind during this point to keep him from being bullied, he would feel a hot flash of anger, and then through his mouth say bloody threats that began to scare these people into leaving him alone. Because he did not want his life anymore, /x/eno allowed himself to go limp, to just stare at the ceiling, and then he would numb up and watch her do as she willed. She enjoyed video games as much as he did, learning from me how to play, and began to play Starcraft. Here, she met Nik, an older man who became obsessed with her and managed to capture her affections, despite her distrust of most males. She had a few awkward relations with him for 6-8 months, before he pushed her away due to trust issues and disappeared.

A combination of depression and confusion then caused /x/eno to become very unstable. She reverted into the back of his mind, where she served as a barrier against freaky shit, while he played World of Warcraft and City of Heroes under the impression that he was still her. Interactions with other people on these games confirmed just how insane he had become, and it wasn't until he began having actual friends a few months later that he began to forget about her.

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Some freaky shit

On Christmas Eve of 2005, she resurfaced. /x/eno had been given a new television and a few new video games that were brought to his room. The TV was placed directly behind his computer, and he logged back into Starcraft for "some lulz" at a chatroom that he used to go to regularly, known as Town Square. It was there that he was contacted by a man claiming to know his sister, bringing him into another channel for a more private discussion.

It was Nik. Her ex. He had been looking for her for a long time, and finally got a hold of the host, /x/eno. He had sounded desperate to find her again, and he had told her she was lost. He was saddened, as expected, and they began to discuss her at length, about the sibling-thing, about her in general, when the silence suddenly became oppressive. /x/eno's mother and her husband had stopped coming in and out of the house from the garage awhile ago. With their weight, they shook the house when they moved, and there had not been vibrations in some time. The two dogs, who barked at just about everything, had quieted down. Not a single car on the highway next to the house passed for the rest of the night. It was only 8 PM.

At the same time, Nik began to speak to me about the strange things transpiring in his house. His sister and mom was gone, there was a feeling of dread in the air, and is refrigerator began making very disturbing noises. A knife had also stuck into the floor behind him, as if a threat. He began to get very nervous, and something that had looked like Trish to him appeared next to him, an invisible knife against his neck that he felt. The dread had just begun to creep up on /x/eno, and distinct voices began to whisper around him. One told him to look behind him, and his eyes immediately transfixed upon the television set that is still in his bedroom today. In the center of the screen, which was off, there was a dark swirling twister building up towards the top of the screen, with eyes beginning to form. He immediately turned around, short of breath, unable to move. From that day forth, this television has done strange things to distort reflections, and seems to have served as a portal for trouble in later years.

Such things continued until 3 AM. Once, /x/eno had even tried to get up to go to the bathroom, but as he touched the doorknob, he became more afraid to open it than to stay there. The feeling pushed him back to his chair, where he had began to numb. The discussion continued this entire time; Nik felt as if Trish was trying to kill him. It was only later that he and /x/eno theorized that she was actually trying to protect the both of them and was too concentrated to speak to us. They survived the night, and things reached normality a little later. This was their first meeting, and was definitely far from their last.


/x/eno and his family moved across the country, losing touch with Nik. /x/eno did not have internet in this location, and it soon became apparent that he was surrounded by bible-thumpers who did not agree with what he had to say, or how he acted. It was a desperate time, one where he began to keep a journal between each class to describe his feelings, events that have taken place, etc. He has made the journal public - a simple request will retrieve it for the reader if one wants to look at it. This period of isolation, in which even his own family bullied him, caused things to become much more active with Trish.

Soon coming back into contact with Nik around 2006 by exchanging phone numbers, the two began to suspect that Trish had been imprisoned in /x/eno's head. She did not speak, nor appear to him in any way or form except in a very dark area of his brain. It seemed that she had been caged, but they could not figure out how, or why. The two enlisted the aid of another friend, a young spiritualist who shall be known as Ty, and spoke through three-way calling. Each time they performed any sort of psionic examination, however, things would get messy in all three of their locations. The strange creatures stalking Nik would show up, spirits in Ty's house would become violent towards him, and /x/eno's entire house would become very dark and very quiet, as if the darkness was trying to swallow him whole. There was a time in which he had hid under my blankets and his bed had shaken under me.

There had been no results at all during any of this. /x/eno's brain was an intricate brick wall, and rewiring only caused more walls to appear. However, around Valentine's Day, they managed to hit something. Around 3 AM, with some more rewiring, Nik and Trevor managed to exhume Trish from the depths of his mind. /x/eno felt her usual takeover, but much more intensely. His voice even began to take on qualities that she had used to speak to him; he was speaking, basically, in two tongues. However, she receded very quickly, and all that they accomplished was a headache.

This was their last attempt, before resorting to just talking like ordinary human beings. However, this did not stop paranormal attacks on Nik, which spread to /x/eno through the phone signals. It was only when they spoke that anything would happen to /x/eno. However, /x/eno was still an emotional wreck at this time, and wanted to commit mass homicide. He also lost contact with Nik a short while later, who was so depressed at the time he was thought to have an hero'd. This is when Trish intervened, although he did not notice it at the time.

There had been such intense cravings for murder. /x/eno wanted blood, blood of all those who wronged him, and wronged others for their own profit. He was extremely upset, and it was then that he heard a familiar voice in his mind. It soothed him, and arms wrapped around his body. He closed his eyes, and the feeling was gone. But she had the effect that she had wanted - /x/eno survived the following year, and into the next, where he moved to his current school district.


At first, trust was an issue. He was a recluse, trying to avoid people as if they carried some virulent disease, seething with his own hatred and sorrow. But he soon found his first real friend in two years, as well as people willing to accept his eccentricity. As he found this acceptance, Trish, as well as any connection to the paranormal, started fading away fairly slowly, and nothing much would happen. However, each time he thought himself to be safe, the television set from 2005 would remind him that something was still there, watching him. And /x/eno would feel a familiar twinge inside of himself, and he would feel safe again.

Trish resurfaced a third time when Nik randomly popped in from out of nowhere on StarCraft again. He convinced him to try and let her talk to him, and the two tried to coax her out. Which he did - and ended up pissing her off. There was a sense of lifting in the pit of /x/eno's stomach, and for the umpteenth time, he lost her, if only for a few weeks.

While going through school afterwards, he had sudden bursts of pain in my body, and a feeling as if I were splitting in half. Sometimes he even imagined myself doing so, exploding in a bloody mess with her standing in the middle, naked and cold and angry. But these sharp bursts ended in pulsing near the lower abdomen, as if pieces of him were being pushed back. /x/eno also began to pull long blond hairs of her color from his head every so often, even though he was nowhere near anyone with hair of that color.

Eventually, this stopped, and she resumed full guardianship over him, although this time /x/eno was entirely aware of this happening. Occasionally he would see her on my bed or in the corner, reading something or watching him with a slight smile. Other times she would be watching areas where hostility often materialized itself, a frown on her face and an almost visible piercing glare stabbing through the dark. These sightings grew more and more frequent, until they stopped altogether and /x/eno could only hear her in his head and see her in his thoughts.

On several occasions she has spoken to him, and taken over his body to talk to others. This is accompanied by a sharp ringing noise and a sudden cooling of the mood, a calm, knowing everything is okay. His body moves on its own, and although he could alter the movements, he finds himself not wanting to do so, as if hypnotized. He relaxes, and she does everything she wants to do before she lets him have control again. It's one of those things he does not fight, and something that cannot be provoked.

Trish makes a note that the change is purely personality. Her memories of her past lives are temporarily erased as she eases over /x/eno's brain, so she could not write these down to share with me or anyone else. Trish does not know how to escape this block, nor he, and if they figure it out, they will definitely record it.

Current Relationship

Trish and /x/eno are entirely together now. She has her separate taste in men and women, and so does he, but she allows him to make these decisions on his own, laughing at him if asked for advice. If his mood drops suddenly, she comforts him with a physically warming hug, and if it's cheerful, she cheers with him. With most of the paranormal attacks over with, her most usefulness comes from her friendship, and protection when the nightmares do return.

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