(Excerpts from Post by Anonymous 02/13/10(Sat)02:34 No.3547938)

My guardian showed himself when I was 14. I had been knocked out cold and left for dead. Actually covered by underbrush by the people who did this.

I would have died, certainly…coma or otherwise. But I heard someone calling my name.

I woke to see (tunnel-vision) of a young asian man. Possibly Japanese. He instructed me to follow him. I did, and I made it to others who could help me.

It was only when I reached other people that I realized I was blind.

I recovered, but I can feel him around me almost all the time. Especially when I am in bad situations.

I have much more to tell…don't think this is the thread for it though.

He does not have a name, because he didn't tell me it and I didn't feel like arbitrarily assigning him one.

Oh, forgot to mention. The people who helped me later informed me that there was no one with me when I arrived. I clearly remember him there though, and every step of the way. He even brought me completely out of unconsciousness.

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